Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post #2: Roundtable

For your second post, you and 2 or 3 other students will record a roundtable that will be posted to each one of your litspiration blogs. It's probably best if just one of you record it, and then sends it to the others. 

Who you meet with is up to you. You can try to find others who are reading the same novel as you, or you can seek out those reading different novels. What is most important is that you engage each other in a discussion about the literature and the issues you are studying.

Use the following questions to guide your discussion:

1. What global issue does your novel explore?
2. Why did you choose this novel? Are you still happy with your choice?
3. Think about your talking to the text notes: what questions have you asked?
4. Think about your talking to the text notes: what connections have you made?
5. Can you make any connections to our guiding ideas: worldview, identity, values?

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